HTC One V Unboxing Video Shows Benchmarking, Lengthy Look At Device

While all eyes have been focused on the HTC One X and HTC One S, we can’t ignore the existence of the HTC One V and its entry-level self. While the HTC One V isn’t expected to go ons ale in Europe for a few more weeks, we’re still getting an early look at the device thanks to the folks at Netbook News.

Netbook News managed to score a HTC One V in Taiwan and put together an almost 20 minute unboxing video covering benchmarks and some of the latest games featured on Google Play. The HTC One V runs a Snapdragon S2 SoC processor coupled with a Adreno 205 GPU and noticeably outperforms hardware that ran the same equipment last year. Couple the handset’s decent mid-range performance, ImageSense technology and a low price tag and we’ve got potential for a successful smartphone.

Word is that several regional US carriers will score the HTC ONe V within the next two months and we imagine the no-contract price can’t exceed $300. So check out the video and let us know if you think the HTC One V has what it takes to be successful in the shadow of the HTC One X and One S.


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