HTC Predicting 55% Revenue Jump For Second Quarter 2012, Hints At Strong “One” Sales

HTC’s first quarter results for 2012 were decidely less than stellar, fortunately they came too early to see any impact from the start of sales for HTC’s new “One” line of products. According to Reuters, HTC is predicting their revenues will leap up by 55 percent in the second quarter of this year. A 55 percent jump in revenue would equal around $3.56 billion against the $2.3 billion HTC earned in the first quarter. In all, HTC handled a 70% decline in revenue compared to the net profits of the same period last year.

HTC obviously has a lot riding on the sales of their flagship HTC One X and HTC One S, both set to launch in the US within the next two weeks. The HTC One S will launch exclusively on T-Mobile beginning tomorrow, April 25th and the HTC One X launches exclusively on AT&T beginning May 6th. HTC needs a big push from both carriers if they are to see that 55% increase in revenue come true. With Samsung’s Galaxy S III announcement coming right as both phones launch, HTC needs as much promotion and marketing as they can get.

Engadget via Reuters

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