HTC Talks Smartphone Phone Colors And The Strategy Behind Selling Them

With HTC’s Frequencies conference still ongoing in Seattle, one of todays discussion tops moved into the realm of smartphone colors and how they are chosen. A topic I know I often wonder myself. HTC’s Eric Lin, Manager of Product strategy, explained that carriers are often very picky about the colors for an upcoming smartphone launch:

“How do you tell AT&T to sell a red phone, or Sprint to sell a red phone?” He added that you can “get in a place where there’s a lot of carrier loyalty to one color, or carrier hatred for another color,” so HTC avoided colors like “AT&T blue” and tried testing a number of different hues.

Lin also touched on consumer reactions to differently colored smartphones saying that “more men own smartphones than women,” and that HTC has discovered that white handsets have helped “to open up women to smartphones.”On the flip-side, consumers have a totally different perception of colored smartphones, often wondering if they are “something for kids” and that there isn’t a feeling of “success” when yielding a colored smartphone. Lin did say that HTC will continue to experiment with different colors and shades via cases.

While we continue to see a seemingly endless stream of black handset after black handset release into the market, it’s nice to know that companies like HTC will continue to break the mold and experiment with different colors. It’s equally interesting to see the mentality among the carriers and how they handle their own color choice for future devices.

Where do you stand on colored smartphones? Me, I love white phones, I don’t think they are female and I’ll buy every phone in white that I can. I prefer white over black, especially when I consider how often fingerprints are discovered on black phones.

What do you think?


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