LG Prepares To Enter Cloud Storage Arena On May 1st, Wants All Your Pictures

It looks like Samsung isn’t the only smartphone manufacturer preparing to dive right into the ever-growing Cloud storage market as they announce LG Cloud. LG Cloud will work to entice users to stream content from their smartphone, PC or TV set and it all begins in beta on May 1st. LG’s upcoming Android app for their cloud service will automatically sync content from a user’s smartphone for playback on various devices “almost instantaneously.”

The necessary piece of software will be the upcoming Android app, which will be available for download from Google Play or LG Smart World. You’ll also be able to upload video from your computer to LG Cloud, likely through a new LG interface. LG’s cloud offering will also include its own auto-upload feature ala Dropbox. Photos and video taken on your smartphone will be automatically uploaded and synced with your LG Cloud account — then go and look at them on your PC or television.

LG says their cloud will come in both paid and free versions, with pricing plans that will vary from market to market and will be announced as the service continues to roll out.

All things considered, LG is looking to make ownership of multiple LG products simplified and fun and we can’t fault them for that. The real question is…just how many Cloud storage solutions do we need?


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