Max Payne Mobile lands on Android April 26

As our phones continue to get more powerful, the ability to port some of our classic console games gets easier. While we’ve seen titles like Grand Theft Auto III already grace our favorite devices, it’s now time for another type of figure to hop on board. Rockstar Games is happy to announce Max Payne Mobile, and it is coming soon to Android devices.

This isn’t some random port, either. This is a full-fledged title, the same version that launched on the PC all those years back. The title will feature HD graphics, as well as high-reoslution textures. You will be able to customize the controls, and there will be SocialClub interaction.

Rockstar Games has said that the supported device listing will be made available soon, before the launch of the title, so as soon as we know which devices the game will work on, we’ll pass it along to you.

via Rockstar Games

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