Android Manufacturer Pegatron Reaches Patent Deal With Microsoft

Microsoft has struck yet another patent licensing deal related to Android. The latest company to be indoctrinated into Microsoft’s shakedown scheme is Pegatron. Android manufacturers sure do like to push Hasbro’s buttons! They join companies such as HTC, Samsung, and LG in the licensing deals. However, they have not yet made a deal with Motorola.

The licensing deal covers both Android- and Chrome-based devices. Pegatron, a Taiwanese company, both manufactures products (such as e-readers, smartphones, and tablets) and supplies other tech firms. The patents that the licensing deal allows use of are related to navigation and how websites display content. Since Android technically infringes on those patents, Microsoft has tried to reach agreements with all major manufacturers that use Android. I guess that, once again, Microsoft has managed to take money from manufacturers trying to use a free and open OS, whether it’s fair or not. At least, unlike Apple, they reach licensing agreements instead of suing to take a rivals products off shelves.

Source: PCMag

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