Motorola DROID 4, BIONIC And RAZR Running On T-Mobile, AT&T Networks

You may have to do a double take with this story but if there was ever a reason Android can be called a great operating system, this is why. Some of those crafty XDA folks started playing around with their Motorola DROID BIONIC devices and discovered that the device actually does have support for global GSM bands. In other words, in theory, the devices will run on T-Mobile and AT&T’s network inside the United States.

At first, the idea was thought to be nothing more than an idea, but after some more homework, XDA discovered that the device’s MDM6600 radio works on T-Mobile’s EDGE network and AT&T’s HSPA network. P3Droid posted some images as proof of concept to this Twitter account earlier today showing the device up and running on AT&T after some software modification.

With other Motorola devices on Verizon’s network offering similar hardware, like the DROID RAZR and DROID 4, this proof of concept should work just fine there as well. While these hacks are likely never be sanctioned by Verizon, if they were to allow it, they’d have one hell of a GLOBAL line-up. Development continues on this project, though Motorola’s locked bootloaders prove to be a speed bump.

More details are available at the XDA link below.

XDA via Phandroid, P3Droid

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