Motorola “DROID RAZR HD” Makes Cameo Appearance In EXIF Data

Remember the name Motorola DROID RAZR HD, aka DROID Fighter? Sure you do, we’re no stranger to the idea that Motorola has new stuff brewing in their development channel, even in the face or a rumored sale. So once again say hello to new DROID RAZR HD EXIF data appearing in a series of images uploaded by a purported Motorola employee. The photos, stored on Picasa are being uploaded by Vic Yu, who is listed as a program managed at Motorola Mobility on his Google+ page. Busted.

The EXIF data lists a camera with f/2.4 aperture, focal length of 5mm and a software version of Android 4.0.3. Also notable is the name “Vanquish,” a possible codename for the device? We should remind everyone that EXIF data is easy to fake and that while we’re not strangers to the DROID RAZR HD name, this is all rumor and hope at this point.

The Verge

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