Newest Galaxy S III/S3 Leak Is…Well, Maybe It’s Real, Maybe It Isn’t

Time to add yet another purported image of the Galaxy S III/3 in the wild to the growing list of Galaxy S III images in the wild. It appears to look very close to the same questionable handset leak we saw last week, which has us wondering about the legitimacy of this image. The folks at Know Your Mobile, the recipient of both this picture as well as the image from last week say the picture is from the very same source.

According to their source and the image, the Galaxy S III/3 will feature a 4.8″ screen, a number supported by the measurement above. Given this measurement, the phone would seem very similar in size to the Galaxy Nexus. There were plenty of claims that last weeks image was nothing more than a well done photoshop of the Galaxy Nexus which has us questioning whether we’re the victim of another fraudulent image.

In any case, Samsung’s Galaxy S III/S3 announcement is this week — which will finally allow us to put this silly round robin of “which rumor is real” game to rest. Just a few more days.

Know Your Mobile

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