(Update: Fake!) Newest Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 Leak Looks Very Real, Confirms Earlier Images

Update: After seeing a number of sites receive this and post it as “exclusive,” we’re calling fakery on this image. This is not the Galaxy S3, Darth Vader is still your father.

Trying to say anything about the final look of the Galaxy S III/S3 at this point seems futile, but this newly obtained image by the boys at PhoneArena matches up perfectly to the leaked render we say yesterday. The rounded edges resemble the teaser image posted by Samsung Denmark on Facebook, and the device itself is a perfect match for yesterdays leaked service manual image.

The inclusion of physical buttons is the most interesting thing we’re learning from this image, if this is in fact the final Galaxy S3 design. We knew that Samsung had plans to go either with or without buttons on their final design,  and if this is in fact real, we can see that including a hardware button won.

Given that May 3rd is still a few days away, it’s both possible and likely we’ll see even more leaks, speculation, renders, and more leaks as the clock continues to tick away. Stay tuned.


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