NVIDIA Says Tegra 3+ And Tegra 3+LTE Coming Soon

NVIDIA’s General Manager of Mobile Business Mike Rayfield was on hand at HTC’s Frequencies conference in Seattle and talked about the immediate future of the company’s Tegra 3 product. First, Rayfield says LTE-enabled Tegra phones will start rolling out in the third quarter of this year as NVIDIA has samples already in testing. However, manufacturers need their own time to research, develop, and test which help explains the waiting period.

Secondly, Tegra 3 fans will soon be able to stop compromising processor speed for radio speed and be able to get both in the same package. Their next-gen chip was referenced as the “Tegra 3+” but Rayfield said it wouldn’t go by that product name. Rayfield did describe the “Tegra 3+” as “high performance” and a “pretty significant bump” compared to today’s offerings. The most important aspect for us as the smartphone buyer is the pairing with LTE modems.

Expectations are to having this chip out and available in retail stores during the third quarter of this year. For now, we’ll just have to wait until NVIDIA makes their official announcement to find out exactly when in the third quarter, but you can bet we’re eager to see these things in action.


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