RIM Plans Blackberry Playbook Exit From Sideloading Android Apps, Says Market Is “Cesspool”

Research in Motion has announced their plans to stop allowing Android apps to be side loaded on the Blackberry Playbook says Alec Saunders, Vice President of Developer Relations for Blackberry. Saunders said that RIM wants to avoid “duplicating the chaotic cesspool of Android market.”

RIM’s comments are an obvious dig at the Google Play Android app store which has had its share of malware in the past. Saunders further highlighted Blackberry’s that the Google Play store increases the chances of piracy with side loading Android apps on the Playbook. In perhaps a justification of RIM’s concerns, the folks at Crackberry noted that side-loading Android apps on the results in a buggy and difficult-to-use experience on the Playbook for customers.

Let’s bring this back to the Android side of things however and say that RIM may be well within their rights to kick out Android apps. That’s their prerogative, but is RIM really in the right place to be criticizing anyones app store? RIM should spend a lot more time emphasizing the highpoints of the Playbook (I’m still trying to think of one) and not focusing on the drawbacks of the Google Play store. Android apps bring an additional 300,000 plus apps to the Playbook and offer one of the largest incentives to actually consider purchasing a Playbook.

What do you think? Is RIM overreacting to the “cesspool” Google Play market?


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