Samsung Conquer 4G receiving minor update

The Samsung Conquer 4G is one of those phones we tend to forget about pretty quickly, as it features mid-range specs and is focused at a budget market. Sprint hasn’t forgotten about the handset though, and is now sending it an update. The biggest part of the update is the “security fix”. In other words, Sprint is wiping the existence of Carrier IQ right off the phone.

Carrier IQ isn’t the only thing Sprint is removing, as multiple wallpapers will also be wiped from the phone. Magic, Smoke, Many, Maps, Nexus, Spectrum, Water, and Waveform will all disappear after the update, a move a little surprising considering they are all stock Android wallpapers. The update is rolling out over the next 10 days, so hang tight until the update hits you. Once that’s happened, be sure to head back here and tell us how smoothly everything went.

via Sprint

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