Samsung Denies Involvement With “WakeUp” Flash Mob

Samsung has denied any involvement with the “Wake Up” flash mob that took place outside an Apple Store in Australia this past Sunday. Despite suggestions that Samsung was escalating their anti-Apple campaign, Samsung denies any and all involvement with this flash mob. Reaching out to Samsung, Slashgear received a brief statement:

“Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the ‘Wake-Up’ campaign.”

First reports of the mob were met with belief that Samsung was somehow behind the campaign, and hiring a third party to actually stage the mob. It remains unclear who arranged the Australian flashmob and when or if they might step forward and take credit. While many may consider the Samsung/Apple debate to be good natured, this flash-mob painted Samsung in a somewhat negative light.

Many believed that Samsung wouldn’t be seen as “harassing” customers while shopping and it’s good to know Samsung wasn’t behind this. Their veiled Apple attacks inside their current Galaxy S III teaser videos are much, much better.

What do you think? Was this flashmob a little too much?


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