Samsung Galaxy Nexus On Sprint Coming With An Extra Treat

Sprint has been the only carrier in the US to officially support Google Wallet, a move that hasn’t helped the growth of the NFC-based payment system. Even then, the Nexus S 4G is the only phone currently on the network with Google Wallet on board. April 22 is the day another phone will be gracing the Now Network with Google Wallet pre-installed, this time another Nexus. That phone is the Galaxy Nexus, and Sprint will be throwing in an extra treat.

Google Wallet comes with $10 free when activated on a phone, but Sprint will be giving users five times that. That’s right, $50 will be on the phone for free. The phone will be sold for $199.99, but now it’s almost like getting $50 back. In fact, it is getting $50 back. Just think of all the uses. A tank of gas. A new pair of shoes. A TON of McDonalds. The possibilites are endless!

Planning on picking up a Galaxy Nexus on the 22nd? What are you going to spend your $50 on?

via Android Central