Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 reportedly now launching in June

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Note exists, and many (many) people are eager to use that 5.3-inch display with Samsung’s S Pen, we know that Samsung wants to go bigger. That’s where the Galaxy Note 10.1 comes in. Adding the size of a tablet but including Samsung’s S Pen technology, it was one of the most exciting pieces of technology showcases at Mobile World Congress not too long ago.

But, it doesn’t look like it’s all great news. A new report from PocketDroid, citing a story originally seen in IPD’s Korean daily economical newspaper, Samsung has reportedly delayed the release of the Galaxy Note 10.1 until June. However, there’s a good reason, if it’s true: quad-core. The report suggests that the Note 10.1 will be getting bumped up to Samsung’s Exynos 4412 processor, clocking in at 1.5GHz.

Nothing is confirmed quite yet, but if this is indeed the case, we would hope Samsung would announce something sooner, rather than later.

via PocketDroid

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