Samsung Galaxy Note in white for TELUS coming April 4

The Galaxy Note by Samsung is making its rounds across the world, which Samsung is more than happy to point out to everyone. But for those of you out there under TELUS’ wing up in Canada who aren’t a fan of the original color scheme of the 5.3-inch device, you’ll be happy to know the white version is making its way to your network of choice very, very soon.

According to a leaked document retrieved by Mobilesyrup, it looks like the white version of the Galaxy Note, which has been seen in other markets, will be landing on TELUS’ network in just a matter of days. The leaked document says the device will be available on April 4th, and that pricing for the large smartphone will stay the same. Meaning, you’ll still be able to make it yours for $199.99 on a new, three-year contract. Or if you want to skip the contract altogether, get ready to pony up $779.99.

via Mobilesyrup

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