Samsung Galaxy Note With T-Mobile Branding Shows Up In Leaked Photos

Anyone out there on Magenta been eyeing up AT&T’s Android gem, the Galaxy Note? Your chance is finally coming, following the various leaks and screenshots we’ve seen over the last few weeks, we now have actual photos of the device. That’s right, our pals over at TmoNews acquired the photos for the world to see.

Nothing appears to have changed over the AT&T version, except that all important branding. We’re going to place a hefty bet that this is the real deal as well, considering that it looks real, it has the rumored model number behind the battery, and the T-Mobile apps pre-loaded on the phone. It also appears that Android 4.0 is the stock software, and what we’ll likely see when the phone launches.

AT&T’s exclusivity on the Note ends this month, so it seems probable that it won’t be too long before we see the phone on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ waves. You can see the whole gallery at the TmoNews source link. Any readers on T-Mobile want the Note? Excited that it’s most likely coming to your carrier?

via TmoNews

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