Samsung Galaxy Pocket finds its way through the FCC

Perhaps more than any other smartphone manufacturer out there, Samsung knows how to fill the gaps. The know that creating devices that fill niche markets is a good plan, or at least it is for them. It seems to be working for them, at least. And that’s why they’ve got a phone that measures in at 5.3-inches, and why the new Galaxy Pocket, which has made its way through the FCC recently, just goes further to prove the point.

While the Galaxy Note may be too big for you, some might say the Galaxy Pocket is too small. Coming soon to the market with a display that measures in at only 2.8-inches, it’s one of the smallest touchscreen-only devices out there. That’s right, ladies and gents, there’s no full QWERTY keyboard below that tiny display, or even a slide-out landscape version underneath it. It’s all touchscreen. Even if there’s not much there.

As far as the FCC goes for revelations, we’re looking at a device with GSM 850/1900 radios, along with UMTS Band V. That means, if you’re actually interested in this little device here in the States, that you could use it on AT&T without an issue. Other features include an 800MHz processor under the hood, with a 2MP camera on the back. You’ll be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box.

via Phandroid; Engadget

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