Samsung Galaxy S III now rumored to feature a 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED Plus display

We are still waiting for Samssung to officially announce the successor to the Galaxy S II, and while we’re waiting we are still keeping an eye out for any information we can gather. After all, one of the most anticipated phones of 2012 is obviously going to gather some momentum in the rumor department. While we’ve heard all sorts of things in the past, it looks like the newest rumor is pointing towards a pretty gorgeous display.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve actually heard the size, which is rumored to measure in at 4.65-inches, so it looks like the rumors are starting to line up. According to a new report from DDaily, Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) is currently in the process of manufacturing the 4.65-inch displays, which will reportedly feature a resolution of 1280×720. Also, not the first time we’ve heard that rumor, either, but it’s certainly not that 1080p information we heard in the past.

What’s more, and this is the best part, the panels are apparently Super AMOLED Plus displays. That’s worthwhile because this would be the first 720p HD display that Samsung has created that isn’t a PenTile display. Both the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S II HD LTE offer up Super AMOLED displays, minus the Plus.

So, while it would be fantastic to get a phone with a 1080p display, it seems more logical that Samsung is focusing on a 720p Super AMOLED Plus display at this current juncture in time. Though, nothing is impossible.

What’s your guess?

via The Verge; DDaily

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