Samsung Galaxy S III Processor Benchmarked, Destroys The Competition

Just this morning Samsung began teasing us about the Samsung Galaxy S III, building up hype for their event on May 3rd. Now we have something that is getting the tech community even more hyped up, and it’s benchmarks of the Galaxy S III’s new processor. We can’t say for sure what the chip is, but the fact that whatever chip it is, it’s likely to be in the Galaxy S III.

In both of the screenshots we have the GT-i9300 bests all the competition, including the One X (Tegra 3), One S (S4), Galaxy S II Skyrocket (S3), and Galaxy Nexus (OMAP 4). GLBenchmark was the software of choice, as it can test a phone’s GPU offscreen, using similar resolutions across the board. Now, the debate could be made that this is only one benchmark, and the software on the handset is most likely not the final build, but it still proves that whatever Samsung threw in the GSIII is more than capable.

Who’s getting excited for the Galaxy S III? What are you looking forward to most?

via AndroidandMe; PhoneArena

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