Samsung Galaxy S3 Spotted In Kies Software, AnTuTu Benchmarks

It’s barely 4:00pm and we’re back with yet another set of Galaxy S3 “sightings” and you’ll notice we’re calling it the Galaxy S3 and not the Galaxy S III. As more and more leaks appear, weight seems to be siding with Samsung changing their naming convention.

First things first however as our first sighting comes from AndroidCentral, or more specifically the Samsung Kies PC software. The entry was discovered in the Samsung Apps and by selecting France as your region.

Two variants of the phone appear, the GT-i9300 and the GT-i9300T. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing what’s what at this point, especially what the “T” could mean. Also, don’t get too excited over the little thumbnail image, we’re looking at a Galaxy Note image as a placeholder.

The second sighting and this time we’re reverting back to the Galaxy S III name comes from AnTuTu benchmarks. Anyone else notice just how badly the Galaxy S III blows away the competition on the chart? I mean wow, this thing must have some great specs and oh…it does. The benchmark test lists a quad-core Exynos 412 processor clocked at 1.4GHz, 1GB of RAM, 4.7″ HD display (1280 x 720), 2 megapixel front camera, 12 megapixel rear camera and Android 4.0. Those specs sound in line with just about every rumor we’ve heard, save for the rear camera — there seems to be some debate over a 8 megapixel or 12 megapixel rear camera.

So what do you think? Take your time looking at this, you’ve probably got another two hours or so before the next Galaxy S3/Galaxy S III leak drops.

Android Central, Droid-Life

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