Samsung Had A Phenomenal First Quarter, Sets Records

Last year was a great year for Samsung, with the release of high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, both becoming huge accomplishments for the companies line-up of smartphones. Now we know how the company has done in this last quarter alone, and things are looking great. Samsung brought in nearly $40 billion on the sales front, with a total $4.46 billion profit. For those unaware, billion is a large number, and Q1 of 2012 has proven to be their best quarter yet.

The company expects its success to continue, with the upcoming launch of its new Galaxy phone in the lead. Samsung believes it will become the most popular phone ever, and we’re going to agree that the chances are looking good. In wake of competitors like Apple having amazing quarter after amazing quarter, it’s good to see one of the major Android manufacturers doing just as well. If you are inclined to read the whole press release, feel free to hit the Samsung source link and get all the details.

via Samsung

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