Samsung press invitation reportedly leaked online

As May inches ever closer, no one should be surprised that we are going to get inundated with rumors, leaks and everything else in between regarding Samsung’s successor to the Galaxy S II. It’s pretty much believed by everyone that May is going to be the month that Samsung unveils the new device, so these leaked documents and renders are certainly doing their best to touch on that. This new one isn’t much different, as it suggests that May 22nd, a date that we have heard in the past, will be the day that Samsung finally pulls the curtain off the new handset. However, it probably isn’t real.

As you can see, there’s a device on the leaked invitation, and it’s unlike any other render we’ve seen previously. It certainly has an appeal, with those curved lines and that chrome body, but we have no reason to think that this is the real device. Again, anything is possible, but the common sense position on this is that it isn’t real. Furthermore, as of the time of this writing, Samsung hasn’t commented on the authenticity of the leaked invitation. Our belief, which is corroborated around the Internet, is that it’s a fake being passed as real.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Still, that May 22nd date can’t come soon enough.

via TmoNews; SlashGear

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