Samsung Teases Galaxy S III Announcement On Their Facebook Denmark Page

By now we’ve heard plenty of leaked details and rumors and now we’ve got an official teaser direct from Samsung’s Denmark Facebook page. The page posted the above image which is believed to tease a Galaxy S III hidden under a veil. Only the external shape is noticeable, leaving the final design of the device up to our imagination. With all the varied leaked images and videos, we’re still under the impression we’ve yet to see Samsung’s final design.

Anyone with any crazy Samsung theories about what’s under the cloth is welcome to comment below and place bets on everything we’ll see on May 3rd. It’s a good tease no doubt, but we’re not loving the idea of any more teasers, we just want to see what Samsung has in store!

In the meantime, check out yesterday’s leaked video believed to be the closest we’ve seen to the final design.


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