Samsung To Unveil A New Tablet Along With The Galaxy S III On May 3rd?

If the fever pitch excitement leading up to Samsung’s unveiling of the Galaxy S III isn’t of any interest to you —- perhaps a tablet announcement will get your attention? According to a CNET Asia source “familiar with the matter,” Samsung will unveil a new 10.1″ Galaxy Tab along with the flagship handset. The new tablet is said to run a dual-core processor, but will not be the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″.

CNET Asia reached out to Samsung for comment and received a “we don’t know anything about a tablet” response. Samsung’s response is typical and therefore shouldn’t be taken as a sign of a “yes, this is coming” or “no, absolutely not.”

If this is true, we hope that Samsung can really find a way to distinguish all the tablets in their portfolio to help strengthen their market place. Someone at Samsung needs to learn the less is more approach, a focused product map with a limited number of tablets is a far better idea instead of launching yet another addition to their product line.


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