Say Hello To Our New Comment System, Livefyre

Now that I’ve taken over the DroidDog world, at least temporarily and one of my first official acts is to do away with the Facebook comment system. I know some of you swear by it and I’m not saying it’s awful, but it doesn’t allow for the kind of engagement I’m hoping to see on DroidDog now. Therefore we’re introducing Livefyre, a brand new way to communicate via the comments.

Livefyre is the best real-time conversation platform on the web. Replace your outdated comment system and change the way people interact with content on your site.

That’s very true and Disqus, we’re sorry, but you just aren’t cutting it lately. Livefyre, it’s up to you to do us proud. Disqus is a terrific system and it’s easily one of the most popular among tech blogs and blogs in general, but lately I just feel like it’s time for a change.

The good news? You can log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, OpenID, LinkedIN or create your own Livefyre account. You follow the discussions by “listening” and honestly, it just looks a lot better than Facebook. Also, I can moderate spam a lot better than under Facebook.

It’ll take some time to adjust and we know change is often slow, but this is for the best and we hope that you’ll take to Livefyre as there is a great chance you’ll be seeing it pop up more and more across the web. Thanks everyone and I’ll see you around the comments.

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