Spotify Unveils New Android Beta, Overhauls Entire App

Spotify users should take note of a massive and much-needed overhaul of the Spotify app this morning. Dare we call it a complete facelift for devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, the new app launches in beta today with several new features. Most notable is a brand new look that puts the Spotify app in line with Google’s “Holo” visual paradigm for Android 4.0 apps. The app is said to be a lot faster, helping to soothe customer complaints over the apps speed that has surfaced over the last few months.

To use the Spotify app on your Android device, you’ll have to jump on the $9.99 per month premium subscription, though you can try Spotify for a 30 day free trial. If you want to grab the preview, you can hit the Spotify link below and tell us your thoughts on the new Spotify experience.

Update: According to the folks at Androidandmethe new Spotify does work on Gingerbread devices.

The Verge

Spotify Preview

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