Sprint Talks First Quarter Numbers, Moving WiMAX Over To Prepaid Brands

Sprint released their first quarter 2012 numbers this morning reporting a net loss of $863 million dollars, while adding more than 1.1 million new customers to their network. Sprint’s new subscriber growth netted 263,000 postpaid customers in the first quarter of 2012 alone. Sprint said they are still on track with their LTE network, expected to launch in six major cities by mid-year. Sprint’s Network Vision project is 5% complete out of 12,000 planned sites for 2012.

One interesting note was Sprint’s discussion for the future of their WiMAX network which is being dumped in place of LTE. Instead, Sprint plans to reposition the older 4G technology for its prepaid customers. Sprint will begin selling WiMAX devices next quarter under its Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile brands.

Sprint has repeatedly said it won’t add any new WiMAX devices to their lineup, however the technology currently powers all but three of their current of near future smartphones. Sprint will continue to support existing WiMAX smartphones and customers as it turns the technology over to its prepaid offerings. This is great news for Android fans on the prepaid carriers as it means WiMAX Android devices are guaranteed.

Moving prepaid data customers over to WiMAX will take some of the burden off its 3G network in areas 4G is available. As Sprint begins to load up its 3G network with iPhones, it needs all the spare CDMA EV-DO capacity it can get.

No word on how many Android phones were sold on Sprint’s network in the first quarter.


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