Unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus Devices Receiving OTA Update, Wireless Connectivity Fix

As Android 4.0.4 rolled out to unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus devices a few weeks ago, it brought along some wireless connectivity bugs affecting users data signals. Google has yet to officially release a patch, however some Galaxy Nexus users are reporting that build IMM76I of Android 4.0.4 has started being pushed out over-the-air.

Without any official release notes, we can’t say for certain if this is a fix for the wireless connectivity issues affecting unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus devices. However, some XDA-Developer forum posts show this fix does indeed aid in fixing the connectivity issue.

Until this is pushed out widely and Google releases notes on the update, it may take some time to see this patch actually hit your phone. As always, we hope a limited release precedes a wider release so all affected users can receive a fix.

XDA DevelopersThe Verge

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