Verizon Xperia Play OTA Update Released, Not ICS But Still Very Welcome

A long due update for the Verizon Xperia Play is available to download. It is software version 4.0.2.E.0.57. While it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich (was it necessary to make the version number begin with 4.0.2, Sony?), it is a good update. It fixes a lot of bugs, including the phone being forced into landscape when charged, and adds a few very welcome features. Now the right trigger serves as a camera button, and 720p video with full time autofocus has been enabled.

Unfortunately, this update also comes with a few bloatware apps courtesy of Verizon. Expect to find Verizon Navigator and Verizon Video on Demand after the update. Not too bad, but still a bit unpleasant.

To update, just check for updates in Settings! It’s an over the air update, so it’ll be easy. There is also the Verizon support page with full information about the update and instructions.

Source: Android Police

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