Verizon’s Summer, Fall 2012 Roadmap Leaked?

We’re going to ask you to take this story with a grain of salt as BGR states they’ve received tips from a Verizon insider highlighting Verizon’s Fall, Summer 2012 roadmap. Except, this doesn’t seem like much of a roadmap so our guess is that Verizon has a lot more in store than what’s rumored here.

First and foremost, BGR claims Verizon will indeed carry the Galaxy S3, noting that Verizon famously passed on the Galaxy S II in favor of being the exclusive launch carrier for the Galaxy Nexus. This doesn’t seem very surprising as Samsung is likely to try and line-up all four of the nations largest carriers to carry their flagship device right from the start.

Next up is a claim for “multiple” Motorola RAZR models due to hit Verizon in the coming months, one of which is almost definitely the Motorola RAZR HD/DROID Fighter we’ve heard quite a bit about in recent months.

HTC is on deck next with a possible flagship device hitting Verizon shelves in the fall sporting a 5″ 1080p HD display, quad-core Krait CPU, Adreno 320 GPU, HTC Sense 5 and a Scribe pen. In other words, HTC is launching their own Galaxy Note competitor.

So that’s it, that’s Verizon’s roadmap for the Fall and Summer? To be honest, I feel like we’re missing a lot and I have no doubt that there are gaps in the leaked “roadmap” BGR received. We know that Verizon has said they wanted to scale back the number of DROID devices being released so we’re a little hesitant on the “multiple” devices launching in the Summer and Fall months.

Still, there is little question Verizon will have a formidable line-up as we move deeper into the year. We look forward to seeing what they have in store.


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