Video Demo Suggests HTC One X Tegra 3 Faster Than Snapdragon S4

A newly released video pits the two versions of the HTC One X against each other, the Tegra 3 sporting international variant and the Snapdragon S4 model headed to AT&T on May 6th. In the video the Tegra 3 boots up faster and comes out way ahead as both models run the AnTuTu benchmark test.

Aside from the awful techno music playing in the background, there are a few reasons for skepticism: the boot animations aren’t identical, as well as the message on the AT&T variant showing “upgrading Android” during both. Also, the Snapdragon One X was placed in airplane mode while the international Tegra 3 version was not.

Perhaps one notable disadvantage for the the AT&T device is it’s still pre-production, so this video would only really stand up if both phones were final devices on shipping software and both on or both off a network.

Either way, the benchmarks should be of little consequence, the AT&T variant of the HTC One X is more than adequate for every day use and will still outpace most devices on the market. The average user would never notice a difference and the differences between the two versions here are likely never to come up in the real world.

Still, it’s a fun video to watch, just don’t listen to the music.


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