Wi-Fi Tether For Root Users Back In The Play Store, May Not Be There Forever

Last year carriers began taking a stance on free tethering apps that gave users access to tether off there phones, taking advantage of the carriers network. At that time unlimited data plans were still common, and many users would download larges amount of data, straining networks and causing slow data speeds. Now that tiered data plans are the norm, why should carriers restrict how paying customers use their data?

Wi-Fi Tether was one of the more popular tethering apps, but it was pulled from the Play store (formally known as the Android Market), most likely at the carriers request. Good news for root users, as Wi-Fi Tether has re-entered the Play store on version 3, but we suggest you grab it quick, because if carriers have their way then it may not be along much longer. Click here to grab it now, and be sure to let us know how version 3 works in the comments below.

via Android Police

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