Will Google Drive be entering your life?

Earlier today Google announced its foray into the cloud storage world with the introduction of Google Drive. No, it wasn’t too much of a surprise, considering we’ve heard half of a dozen rumors from half of a dozen “people familiar with the matter”. What it offered wasn’t too much of a surprise either; the 5GB of free storage for storing documents and other various files. The kicker is how Google will be taking down the competition: 100GB of storage for only $5 a month.

The biggest competitor is Dropbox, but considering their 100GB plan is $20 a month, this is a downright steal. Hell, Google even beats their 50GB option, which goes for $10 a month. We all know that Google has a strong network too, so reliability shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m not a fan of cloud storage, and don’t use it often. In most scenarios, it’s just more convenient for me to use local storage, or even a USB flash drive. Uploading something to the cloud is almost an inconvenience in my mind, something many of my colleagues disagree with. It isn’t a lack of storage for me, either. The guys over at SugarSync were kind enough to give me 25GB of free storage for a year a few months back, but I have only used it a few times.

It’s more about what you guys think. Feel free to vote in our poll below, and let us know how you feel about cloud storage in the comments below.

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