Will The Galaxy S III Only Be A Minor Update Over Previous Models?

If true, which we absolutely don’t think it is, it could be a true disappointment for legions of Samsung Galaxy fans out there. Thanks to a source at CNET UK, who says the Galaxy S III update is more “incremental” than a complete overhaul of the hardware. “It’ll be like the iPhone 4S was to the 4,” says the source who gave no specifics but said to look to the HTC One X for what to expect.

Throwing even more of a curveball, the CNET UK source says Samsung may completely change up the naming convention that is now synonymous with the Galaxy line. “Don’t expect it to be called the S3,” says the source. I can’t imagine this being a good move, the Galaxy line has sold millions of devices in the past few years and the name is tied closely to Samsung’s brand. I think it would be fool-heartedly to consider anything that might alter the name of Samsung’s most popular smartphone line.

One extra feature that the source discussed was the use of eye-tracking, which Samsung is apparently calling “Human Interaction.” The phone’s front-facing camera detects when you’re looking at the screen, writing a text message for instance and then will lock the device upon you looking away. It sounds handy, but also sounds like something that could be a large source of frustration for many users. If anything, it sounds more like a novelty than a true feature.

All in all, we’re skeptical of this report and yet, some might consider a quad-core processor, improved camera and an HD display “incremental,” and still welcome it with open arms.


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