30 Tegra 3 Devices Slated To Launch This Year, Almost Half As Budget Devices

NVIDIA launched the first mobile quad-core processor, the Tegra 3, late last year, effectively beginning a new era of mobile processors. Months later, Tegra 3 still cannot be found on an official carrier supported phone in the US. NVIDIA’s GM Mike Rayfield claims that this won’t be for long, as they plan for 30 more Tegra 3-powered devices to be launched this year.

Of those 30 devices, 13 are said to be at a budget price point, with a sub-$300 transfer price. Now transfer price does not mean retail price, but it still means we could be looking at some very attractively priced Android devices this year. NVIDIA’s got the rest of the year to make their move, and they have no lack of products being released on the mobile front. Does anybody else smell a Nexus?


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