32GB HP TouchPad Refurbished For $194.99, Begging You For A Taste Of Ice Cream

There is a great deal going on right now on Woot. A refurbished 32GB HP TouchPad only costs $194.99! This is truly a fantastic tablet, especially for that price. It comes with a speedy 1.2GHz Snapdragon S3, a 9.7″ 1024×768 multitouch display, 1GB of RAM, and some great speakers powered by Beats Audio. And for anyone who doubts it, webOS is an amazing OS (if you can ignore the app selection). Its multitasking is unparalleled, it’s smooth and fluid, easy to use, and just so well designed. I personally use a 2.6″ HP Veer 4G once in a while to get a fix of glorious webOS, and could only dream of owning a Pre 3.

However, the amazing thing about the HP TouchPad is that webOS isn’t your only option. While retaining webOS, you can dual boot Android! There is a massive Android modding community behind this tablet, and Ice Cream Sandwich runs great. I just love that you can switch between the two OSes, because if I owned a TouchPad, I’d hate to lose webOS (even though flashing ICS would be necessary, being the Android fan I am).

Seriously, this is an amazing deal which you should definitely jump on if you want a great tablet. You get not one, but two great OSes (if you’re willing to work a little for ICS) in a nice package. So who’s going to grab one? Tell is below in the comments!

Source: Woot

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