AT&T Xperia Ion Release Outed By Google Ad

An XDA member was searching for the Xperia Ion on Google when he came across this Google ad. Spotting an approximate release date for an unannounced device, he took a screenshot. Thank you XDA member!

Now we know that the AT&T Xperia Ion, complete with a 12.1MP camera and 4G LTE, is coming out sometime in June. This date is in direct competition with both the Galaxy SIII (stated to come out sometime in June in the US) and the Sprint EVO 4G LTE.

Now for the important question. Does it even matter? Is Sony at all relevant in the Android game? Most of their devices never come to the US, and if you ask people about any Sony phones they know, most people will either know none or say “Xperia Play,” because that’s the only notable device they’ve made in years. There is absolutely no hype surrounding this device, and its launch is probably going to blow over silently without anyone noticing. Sony has no fighting chance with the way they’re conducting business now. Do you agree or disagree? Are you a Sony user? Chime in down below!

Source: Android Police

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