Add-On Pack Turns your Galaxy Nexus Into A Galaxy SIII

An add-on pack on XDA brings some Galaxy SIII elements to your Galaxy Nexus! Imagine that, buying a stock ICS phone, and so much interest being shown in TouchWiz. I can’t blame them, TouchWiz is pretty damn nice. This add-on will work with CM9, AOKP, and some other ROMs, so almost anyone can use it.

This add-on adds the TouchWiz UX launcher (which is incredibly smooth and works very well on my Galaxy SII), S voice, the Galaxy SIII sounds, the Memo app with the note widget, some live wallpapers, and a new power menu theme. If you want to check it out, the video taken by our very own Macky Evangelista shows it off (sans TW launcher), and hit the source link for instructions and the files.

XDA-Developers via Phone Arena

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