Amazon Appstore Update Brings Test Drive Feature to Phones

Amazon Appstore for Android sent out an update today adding a new feature that distinguishes it from the rest.  Amazon Appstore online already offers the ability to test out the apps on a simulated Android phone before buying them. Now, the new update enables the test drive feature on phones.  Apparently, as stated in the release notes, the new feature is only available on select phones and is in the beta stage.  Additionally, the 2.6.53 update brings bug fixes to downloads and stability enhancements.

If you don’t have the Amazon Appstore for Android yet, it’s an okay alternative to the Google Play Store, and can be downloaded here.  It does offer a free paid app a day which can be a sweet deal sometimes.  In my opinion, a lot of the time, the free app isn’t worth it.  It is however fun to do the daily check to see what the free app is. Anyways, I don’t have the test drive feature on my Epic 4G Touch so I can comment on the usability or convenience of the new feature.  Does it work for your phone?  How does it look and feel?  Comment below and tell us what phones it’s working on and what you think.

Amazon Appstore Release Notes

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