Android Device Fragmentation Displayed In Incredible Detail

Take a look at the image above and the charge compiled by Open Signal Maps. The company put together data taken from over 681,900 users of its app over the past six months, and saw it run on nearly four thousand different types of devices. Of course that number is actually far lower as custom ROMs are responsible thanks to their reporting of identities a little differently. Still, looking at the device breakdown its clear that Samsung is the dominant manufacturer in the Android ecosystem as the Galaxy S II alone makes up nearly 10 percent of the total while Samsung owns 40 total percent.

This chart can either represent Android diversity or fragmentation and how you interpret it is up to you. While the data doesn’t match what information Google can pull directly from Google Play, that’s largely because not all devices running Android have access to the Google Play store. So call this diversity, fragmentation, or call it both — there is one thing you can say for sure, Android users have a lot of choices.

The Verge via Open Signal Maps

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