Android Once Again Controls 61 Percent of US Smartphone Sales

Android sales saw a decline this holiday season. The results for Q4 2011 showed that Android’s cut of the market share dropped from 61% to 49%, while iOS rose from 25% to 41%. This was a result of the iPhone 4S launch, as a lot of people tried to buy it before the holidays.

However, that was just temporary. For Q1 of 2012, Android rose back to it’s 61% dominance. iOS, on the other hand, dropped to 29%, which is higher than what it was in Q3. Combined, Android and iOS control 90% of the smartphone market. Unfortunately, smartphones in general are only 66% of all handsets sold in Q4 2011. Very low numbers for such important devices.

Interestingly, these numbers are quite different in the US. Android controls only 48% of the market, while iOS trails not far behind with 32%. Seems Android is doing better outside the US, where Android handsets aren’t always screwed up by carriers and are released a lot faster.

Source: CNET

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