Another Benchmark Video Comparing HTC One X Dual Core And Quad Core Models, With Opposite Results

Another YouTube user, this time Josh Krek, posted a comparison video benchmarking both the dual core and the quad core HTC One X. The US variants, including the AT&T One X, are powered by a Snapdragon S4 dual core processor, instead of the quad core Tegra 3 used in the international models. This is most likely the result of the Tegra 3 not supporting LTE radios.

Last time we posted a video, it showed the Snapdragon S4 beating the Tegra 3 with half the cores. So we expected the same thing to happen here. The guy ran a variety of benchmarks (AndEBench, CF-Bench, AnTuTu, Quadrant, SmartBench, MoonBat, and GLBenchmark, in that order). To our absolute shock, the Tegra 3 outperformed the S4 in every single benchmark. Every. Single. One. It often more than doubled the Snapdragons performance.

It’s worth noting two things though. The Tegra 3 beat the Snapdragon in AnTuTu in overall score, but the GPU in the S4 slightly edged out the Tegra 3. And in Quadrant, they received very similar scores, but the distribution was different. The GPU received a much higher mark on the S4. This lines up with the previous video showing off the GPU capability of the S4, and supports the claim made by the previous video’s creator that the AT&T model feels smoother. For smooth operation, GPU is very important. That’s why the Samsung Exynos powered Galaxy S II is one of the smoothest-performing phones on the market, the Mali-400 GPU is an absolute monster.

If you’re trying to decide between an international HTC One X or an AT&T variant, don’t do it based solely on the number of cores. The choice is between a more powerful quad core, or a smoother dual core (that theoretically should get better battery life due to its newer architecture, though that has not been measured yet, to my knowledge). Also, it helps that you can get the AT&T model subsidized for a measly $199.99, instead of the international model costing you around $600, give or take. So tell us, which one do you prefer?

Source: Android Police

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