AT&T Cancels Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD Launch, Basically Confirms Galaxy SIII Without Confirming Galaxy SIII

Samsung’s Ryan Bidan has stated today that the Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD, announced at CES for AT&T, has been cancelled. He explained that with the Galaxy SIII announcement, it would leave the phone “orphaned” in AT&T’s lineup. He has a point too; why would anyone buy a Galaxy SII with a 720p screen if they can soon get a Galaxy SIII with the same screen but superior in every other way?

Let’s just go back a year. Samsung released the Infuse 4G on AT&T. It was a Galaxy S with a 4.5″ SAMOLED+ display. So a Galaxy S with a Galaxy SII display. Released right before the Galaxy SII. It’s the exact same situation. I guess they learned their lesson, as a year ago, you could find me ranting about how dumb their decision was and how the Infuse was a bad buy when the Galaxy SII was just about to come out and was better in every single way.

I’m glad they cancelled it. But their reasoning was that there was no point releasing it with the Galaxy SIII coming. When asked if the Galaxy SIII is hitting AT&T, he said it’ll be coming to “the fastest HSPA+ and LTE networks” in the country. Is that an admission? No. Is the cancellation of the Skyrocket HD enough proof that the Galaxy SIII is coming to AT&T? Yes. If it wasn’t coming to AT&T, they would NEED the Skyrocket HD in their lineup. So yes, we pretty much know it’s coming now. AT&T users rejoice! I know I’m happy to hear this. Are you guys glad of this decision? Let us know in the comments!

Source: The Verge

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