AT&T HTC One X Bootloader Unlocked, To The Small Extent HTC Allows

The AT&T HTC One X was previously impervious to the HTC bootloader unlock tool. AT&T (presumably, no one has proof they did it) made sure of that. But a few hackers figured out how to get the official unlock method to work. Not much can stop someone who is determined to get full freedom, right?

It’s a slightly complicated procedure, but dead easy if you just follow the clear instructions. It has a lot to do with command prompt, but again, it’s just typing what you’re being told to type. The standard disclaimer applies, no one but you is responsible for a possible brick. Modifying your phone is dangerous, and in this case, will definitely void your warranty. Proceed at your own risk. And have fun, this stuff is great.

As you may know, since I have written about this a few times, HTC’s bootloader unlock doesn’t give you full freedom. It is only a partial unlock. This is no different. Which is tragic. But it gives you a lot more freedom than you had before, so it’s still better than nothing. If you do end up doing this, tell us how it goes down below.


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