AT&T HTC One X Now Even Cheaper, $129.99 From Amazon Wireless

Amazon Wireless has once again dropped their price for the AT&T HTC One X. Unfortunately, this only applies to the gray version. Fortunately the white version may not be appealing to many people due to the fact that it turns blue just from keeping it in a pocket of blue jeans. I have witnessed the same problems with a light gray HTC Inspire 4G (massive discoloration from jeans), so people might want to hold off on any HTC One series purchases in white. Maybe this lower price will convince you further.

Amazon Wireless is selling the gray HTC One X for $129.99. This applies to both new accounts and upgrades, so everyone eligible for a new phone can take advantage of that great price. For a high end phone and possibly the best current Android phone out there (the Galaxy SIII hasn’t come out yet!), $130 is an amazing price. If you want to grab one, head over to Amazon Wireless for the deal!

Source: Android Police

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