AT&T Makes International Data Roaming That Much Better (Still Bad, But Good Of AT&T)

International roaming charges have always been laughable, but data has been worst of all. AT&T has already lowered charges once, and they’re doing it again. They have a few plans for the Data Global Add-On.

The new lowest plan is $30 a month, up from $25, but gets you 120MB of data instead of 50. 120MB used to cost $50.

300MB will cost you $60, instead of the old $100.

The biggest plan is 800MB and will cost you $120 a month, down from $200.

These are still hard to swallow prices, but they’re a lot better than what we had before! I’d suggest using a prepaid SIM from a local carrier, but that requires having an unlocked GSM phone (AT&T phones would work on most carriers when unlocked).

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