AT&T, T-Mobile Galaxy S III Models Pass Through Bluetooth SIG, Accessories Show Up On Amazon

I hope we’re already passed the point uncertainty as to whether T-Mobile and AT&T will launch the Galaxy S III on their networks in the near future. While we’ve certainly had more than enough evidence to hopefully convince any doubters, two new pieces of intel will hopefully further solidify any doubts one might have.

According to May 15th reports via the Bluetooth SIG, both the SGH-i747(m) and the SGH-T999(v) are now certified for release. Both models were approved for North America, though both approval sheets have the official press image of the Galaxy S III as a placeholder, and not the upcoming branded variants of the device.

On a secondary note, Amazon is also moving to confirm the SGH-i747 and the SGH-T999 as the AT&T and T-Mobile Galaxy S III model . A quick search for either model number turns out a bounty of accessories all titled “Galaxy S3.” Sure the spelling may be wrong, but the point remains — we can no longer doubt both AT&T and T-Mobile will carry the Galaxy S III. With alternate evidence pointing toward Sprint and Verizon editions, it’s safe to say that the nation’s four largest carriers will all have the Galaxy S III on store shelves.

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