BBM for Android Officially Canned

For the past couple of years now we’ve all heard of rumors and reports that BBM (Blackberry Messenger) will make it’s way into the Android platform. This was in the works for quite some time now and we’ve even seen screen-shots of it on an Android phone. And now after all this time, we can finally put it to rest and confirm that it is after all not coming to Android for the foreseeable future and the current project has been nixed.

It has been reported by WSJ that “RIM was indeed testing BBM on other platforms, cunningly disguised as “SMS 2.0.” Then enters new CEO Thorsten Heins, who apparently has taken the option completely off the table. Sources familiar with the matter told the WSJ “it was not up for discussion.”

And there it is folks, BBM for Android is officially dead. Anyone disappointed? I was actually looking forward to this a couple years back when it was first reported as I had a group of friends owning RIM phones and using BBM quite often, but since then they have all moved to Android. So now the news is irrelevant to me. I can’t say I blame them as BBM was in a way RIM’s baby and exclusive software that could possibly make people jump to the platform. So why make it available to their competitors? But I can’t speak for everyone else, so who’s disappointed about this current news?

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